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Catholic Annulment

People are dismayed by the Roman Catholic Church's annulment process. Their annoyed at the voluminous requirements an annulment consists of. They simply don't want to participate in the long process, or even look at the application, so they just quit. I've helped many of these couples and will try to help you.

Annulment Requirements:

What types of marriages require annulment?

Note: An annulment DOES NOT make your children illegitimate. It's a myth. The parent’s marital status DOES NOT affect the status of the children.

Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church says that only marriages under its jurisdiction are sacramental.


The Roman Catholic Church has exceptions. It says that a sacramental marriage is indissoluble. It also says that Orthodox sacraments are valid. Holy Matrimony is one of the sacraments. The Orthodox are not under Roman jurisdiction. Note that this is an exception. A very clear one.

My Opinion: It seems to me that the real "acid test" of the sacramental nature of a marriage is its indissolubility. If two previously unmarried baptized people with no impediments and fully capable of consent sincerely utter vows of marriage, a sacrament of marriage takes place - inside or outside the Church sanctuary. The history of the sacrament supports this.