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Wedding Forms | Contract for Services


Please complete the Contract Form and return it to the address that is provided on the form.


Click on the link and choose Print from your browser's File menu.

Mailing & Shipping Address:

Archbishop David Leon Cooper
9250 Reseda Blvd. PMB 264
Northridge, CA 91324

Our mailing address is not our physical address! We only meet with individuals by appointment!
Call 818-390-1452 for an appointment, please.


Archbishop David Leon Cooper
(By appointment only)
Phone & Text: 818-390-1452

For assistance on filling out the contract and/or to schedule an appointment call: 818-390-1452


Download Forms:

To download the desired form to your hard drive, hold down the SHIFT button and click on the link below - make sure and note the directory you saved the form in. These forms are in simple text format and can be opened in Notepad, Wordpad or any word processing program.

Instructions on submitting the completed form and payment information are provided at the bottom of the form. Should you have any questions regarding the submission of the form, contact us for details and your questions.


Diriment Impediments

The list below is to help you clarify what exactly declares a marriage null. One of these must be present to declare a marriage null.

Marriage Declared Null:

This list are reasons to declare a marriage null.

  1. No intention, when marrying, to have offspring
  2. Deception of one party by the other in order to get consent, and if the other had been aware of the truth, would not have consented to get married
  3. Abduction with the intent to force marriage
  4. Failure to adhere to canon law for marriages
  5. Impediment of Crime, murder of the spouse to marry another
  6. Undispensed defect of form, form being married in the presence of a priest or deacon and according to the required form of words.
  7. Force or grave fear
  8. Consanguinity (blood relationship that is too close)
  9. Psychological state hindering the ability to consent
  10. No intention, when marrying, to contract a lifelong relationship (pretending consent)

Note: Lack of Baptism is a serious impediment. It must be dispensed by a bishop. Also, adultery during the marriage could indicate a psychological state or lack of consent at the time of the marriage.

The Metropolitan Archbishop will review your petition and act immediately on your case within one week.